Portfolio Landing page design - Aimee Lynn Rivera

Portfolio Landing page design – Aimee Lynn Rivera

Client Overview:


Aimee Lynn Rivera, a dedicated Healing Practitioner and Well-Being Advocate based in NYC approached Obzsar, a web design company, to create a portfolio landing page that reflects her diverse expertise and services. Aimee’s mission is to enhance collective well-being through integrative holistic approaches, offering tailored success solutions for individuals, students, and businesses.

Client’s Goals:

  1. Showcase Expertise: Highlight Aimee’s credentials, education, and non-profit advocacy work.
  2. Promote Services: Feature Aimee’s personalized coaching, consulting, and hypnotherapy services for individuals, businesses, and schools.
  3. Bookings: Encourage visitors to take the first step by reaching out for personalized assistance.
  4. Reflect Personality: Infuse the website with Aimee’s unique personality, combining professionalism with warmth and empathy.

Web Design Company: Obzsar

Portfolio Landing page design Process:

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Page Builder: Elementor, Elementor Pro
  • Design Approach: Responsive Design for seamless user experience across devices

Key Features of the Portfolio Landing Page:

  1. About Section:
    • Introduction to Aimee Lynn Rivera’s background, credentials, and dedication to well-being.
    • A visually appealing section incorporating images that convey Aimee’s approachability and professionalism.
    • Integration of Yale and 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network badges for credibility.
  2. Services Section:
    • A clear and concise breakdown of Aimee’s services, including coaching, consulting, and hypnotherapy.
    • Engaging descriptions with calls-to-action prompts visitors to explore each service in detail.
    • Professional images representing each service to provide a visual understanding.
  3. Education + Non-Profit Advocacy:
    • An interactive timeline showcasing Aimee’s educational journey and non-profit work.
    • Testimonials from those impacted by Aimee’s workshops and programs.
    • Emphasis on her commitment to addressing educational and mental health disparities.
  4. Book List:
    • Integration of a dynamic book list section featuring Aimee’s recommended readings.
    • Each book is linked to a popular online bookstore for easy purchase.
    • A personalized touch, showcasing Aimee’s literary preferences and influences.
  5. Consulting Expertise:
    • A detailed breakdown of Aimee’s consulting services, emphasizing her expertise in human thought processes and real-world solutions.
    • Case studies or success stories from previous consulting projects.
    • Engaging visuals to represent her diverse consulting portfolio.
  6. Corporate and School Offerings:
    • Dedicated sections for corporate and school services with engaging visuals and success stories.
    • Information on how Aimee’s services can benefit businesses and educational institutions.
  7. Hypnotherapy Section:
    • Insight into the transformative power of hypnotherapy.
    • Testimonials from clients who have experienced positive changes through Aimee’s hypnotherapy sessions.
    • Clear calls-to-action for individuals seeking personalized hypnotherapy sessions.
  8. Contact and Booking:
    • Easy-to-find contact information with multiple contact channels.
    • Seamless integration of a booking system for potential clients to schedule appointments.
    • Social media links for staying connected and updated on Aimee’s latest offerings.


Through the collaborative effort of Aimee Lynn Rivera and Obzsar, the portfolio landing page successfully represents Aimee’s professional journey, expertise, and commitment to well-being. The design prioritizes user engagement, providing visitors with a comprehensive understanding of Aimee’s services while maintaining a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. The website serves as a powerful tool for Aimee to connect with her audience and further her mission of promoting collective well-being.

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