Website design for Exercise Club - Club Physical

Website design for Exercise Club – Club Physical

Client Overview:
Client Company: Club Physical
Platform: WordPress, ElementorElementor Pro, jet menu, HT Slider For Elementor, jet tricks, wp forms lite, jet blog, jet engine, Yoast SEO
White Labelling Partner: Kudo

About Club Physical:

Club Physical is a well-established physical exercise club with a rich history of working with dedicated individuals and a strong commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle. The club aims to encourage daily exercise and healthy eating habits, addressing global health challenges, particularly the obesity epidemic. With a focus on community support, Club Physical actively engages in charitable activities, partnering with organizations such as TEAR Fund, I AM HOPE and others. The club provides a diverse range of fitness experiences, from Swedish saunas to yoga, and offers various equipment, personal trainers, and group classes to help members achieve their fitness goals.

Client’s Vision and Goals:

  • Vision: To be the members’ oasis in times of stress, a home away from home, always welcoming, listening, and supportive.
  • Goals:
    • Promote daily exercise and healthy eating habits.
    • Address global health challenges, especially the obesity epidemic.
    • Actively support selected charities in the community and globally.
    • Offer a diverse range of fitness experiences and classes.

Web Design Company:

  • Company Name: Obzsar
  • Web Design Process: Utilized WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) and Elementor, Elementor Pro, jet menu, HT Slider for Elementor, jet tricks, wpforms lite, jet blog, jet engine, and Yoast SEO plugins for the design and functionality and ensured a responsive design for optimal user experience across devices.

Challenges and Objectives: Club Physical approached Obzsar with the need for a modern and user-friendly website to effectively communicate its mission, services, and community involvement. The website had to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and capable of showcasing the club’s diverse offerings, from equipment to classes. Integration of charity support and promotion of membership benefits were essential aspects to be highlighted.

Design Process:

  1. Requirement Analysis: Obzsar conducted a thorough analysis of Club Physical’s requirements, understanding its brand identity, target audience, and key offerings.
  2. Wireframing and Prototyping: Initial wireframes were created to map out the website structure, followed by interactive prototypes to visualize the user journey.
  3. Design Concept: The design concept focused on a clean and energetic aesthetic, reflecting the vitality of a health club. High-quality images showcasing facilities and activities were incorporated to engage visitors.
  4. Plugin Integration: Leveraged WordPress with Elementor and additional plugins for enhanced functionality, including a dynamic menu, responsive sliders, forms, and blog features.
  5. SEO Optimization: Implemented Yoast SEO to ensure the website’s visibility and ranking on search engines.

Features and Highlights:

  1. Responsive Design: Ensured a responsive design for seamless user experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  2. Charity Integration: Dedicated sections highlighting Club Physical’s charitable initiatives, showcasing partnerships and contributions to selected causes.
  3. Membership Promotions: Integrated a promotions section highlighting membership benefits, linking them to charity support, creating a win-win scenario for members and the community.
  4. Event Sponsorship Showcase: Created a space to showcase Club Physical’s sponsorship of community events, schools, and colleges.
  5. Class Schedule and Trainer Profiles: Included dynamic sections for class schedules and trainer profiles, providing members with up-to-date information.

Results and Impact:

  • The new website successfully communicated Club Physical’s mission and offerings.
  • Improved user engagement and interaction with the inclusion of dynamic features.
  • Increased visibility of charity support, fostering a positive brand image.
  • Enhanced SEO optimization contributed to improved search engine rankings.
  • Positive feedback from members regarding the user-friendly design and accessibility.


The collaboration between Club Physical and Obzsar resulted in a visually appealing and functional website that effectively communicates the club’s values, offerings, and community engagement. The integration of features like charity support and membership promotions showcases the club’s commitment to both its members and the wider community, creating a holistic online presence for Club Physical.

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